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Complete care, or for one / several symptom (s) in particular:

  • Physical, emotional pains, fatigue, depression, etc. ;

  • Research and treatment of the causes of fatigue;

  • Repair of the aura;

  • Energy treatment of scars;

  • Diagnosis, cleaning, rebalancing of the chakras;

  • Cause research and treatment of emotional blockages;

  • Research of the causes of physical pain and their treatment
    (if possible without the help of conventional medicine);

  • Treatment of old emotional blockages;

  • Work to cut toxic links;

  • Help to anchor and realign the person;

  • Draining of used energies;

  • Relief of side effects during chemotherapy or radiotherapy;

  • Support during depression or burnout (this does not replace medical treatment, but only in addition);

  • Deeper support work during difficult moments in life (bereavement, divorce, illness);

  • Preventive care.

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During treatments I often use lithotherapy (semi-precious stones), as well as dowsing.

I also practice "secrecy", in the presence of the patient or from a distance. The "secret" acts as a firebreak, blood cutter, relief of sciatic pain and treatment of warts. According to ancestral tradition, the secret remains free.

Please note: energy care and magnetism are no substitute for medical treatment!

Soins énergétiques
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Reiki is an energetic healing technique from Japan.

The term Reiki comes from REI, the universal energy and KI, our own energy.


During the treatment, the practitioner works by placing his hands on the energy centers of the body, according to a precise protocol. The patient lies down and remains dressed. Reiki is not a massage: the practitioner places his hands (or approaches them a few centimeters) on a specific place on the patient's body for 3 minutes and then moves them from the upper body downwards according to a precise diagram. In general, music accompanies the session to reinforce relaxation.

The beneficial effects of Reiki are multiple

  • The rebalancing of energy in the body;

  • Triggers the process of self-healing;

  • Strengthens the patient's energy;

  • Eliminates tension and fatigue;

  • Provides a feeling of calm and well-being;

  • Relieve pressure;

  • Releases emotional blockages;

  • Help regain inner calm;

  • Improves sleep.


There is no contraindication to receiving a Reiki session.

After the session you feel relaxed and in better physical shape

and mental.


Reiki practitioner levels

Reiki is transmitted from teacher to student through an energy transmission ceremony.

Transmission usually lasts two days. The student also receives sacred symbols, specific to Reiki, which are used in addition to the technique to aid in treatment.

After the initiation of the 1st degree, the student who has received the transmission must do Reiki to himself every day for 21 days. It is only after this period that the initiated pupil can begin to practice Reiki on his family, his pets (who adore), and even on plants.

The initiated pupil must then pass the 2nd degree. It is only after the 2nd transmission that the student acquires the right to provide patient care.




antenne de Lecher2.png

Lecher's antenna

True quantum stethoscope, it is used for the qualitative detection of fields

Quantum therapy

By working on our vibrational and energetic fields, quantum therapy offers a more complete vision of each of the facets of our health. These fields are the backbone of our body's chemistry and its functions. Once balanced, the body's chemistry can restore itself.


Main objective of the methodology

  • decode and understand the invisible factors of imbalances

  • to establish a bridge between traditional Chinese medicine and the most recent scientific discoveries, based on the measurement of the fields of information which surround the human being.


Resetting the clock

After the basic measurements, the ground correction work is done by the selection of regulators specifically chosen for their highly vibratory quality. Regulators can be thought of as "fuse boxes" for the human body.


This comprehensive system allows

  • to dialogue with the energetic body to assess the problems of the matter body.

  • to extract valuable information from the subject himself, beyond the symptoms.

  • to assess the resources of the individual (his field - Yin) and the management of these same resources (his symptoms - Yang).

  • to rid the body of energy pollution and interference interfering with its healing and well-being

  • to establish a personalized treatment protocol adjusted over time: regulators, their compatibility and their dosage: ex. homeopathic product, essential oil, trace element, nutritional, flower essences, ...

  • instant confirmation of the choice of a remedy by checking the correction of the fields.


(*) Source: Institute of Natural Medicine / Pierre Billeter, Myriam Massé-Yang

Fleurs de Bach



Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) was an English physician, bacteriologist and homeopath.


Dr. Bach has identified 38 floral remedies whose beneficial properties help to restore inner and psychic harmony.

He has developed a method to capture and preserve their active ingredients; his 38 essences of flowers, produced according to his method are known today under the name of "Bach flowers".

Each of the 38 essences corresponds to a particular emotion or an emotional state that it is able to rebalance.


Dr. Bach divided the 38 flowers into seven general emotional groups, each belonging to a specific emotional state. These seven groups of Bach flowers are:


  1. The fear ;

  2. The despair ;

  3. Lack of confidence, in oneself and in others;

  4. Lack of interest in the present;

  5. Excessive concern for others (family, friends);

  6. Negative influences from others, or from yourself;

  7. The feeling of loneliness.


These flowers help balance emotional states; they can be used for both humans (adults and children) and animals. There is no contraindication, it is very easy to use and effective.

Different mixtures of Bach flowers are sold today in pharmacies, but personalized mixes will be much more efficient, because they allow flowers to be combined according to the specific needs of the patient.


By having the person in consultation, I quickly realize what flowers she would need. If I have a doubt about a flower, I check on a dowsing board with the pendulum.

I should point out that I am not a Bach flower therapist; I have undergone specific training and I make custom mixes for my entourage and my patients as an adjunct and according to their needs at the time.





Lithotherapy is a magical and wonderful world. When i was
as a child, playing with my mother's jewels set with stones, I was
fascinated by the incredible designs on the stones, by their light and their
shine, or by the fact that certain stones could change
color when they had exhausted their virtues.


Today, I use semi-precious stones during my treatments. This is
a precious help: each stone has its own virtue for
emotional or physical ailments. The stones heal and strengthen the chakras.


To cite a few examples:

  • Black tourmaline, obsidian or onyx help the person to anchor;

  • Rose quartz allows the person to regain love and self-confidence;

  • The tiger's eye protects the wearer from the negative influences of others;

  • Amber helps to regain the joy of life, and is also very effective during sinusitis or pain due to teething in babies.


In general, patients like to feel the stones on their chakras, or just hold them in their hands during the session. I can't imagine caring without the precious help of the stones.

Now again, when I open the dictionary of stones and read the meaning of their physical and psychic virtues, I can spend hours there because it is so amazing what all these little gifts from nature are capable of doing for us.


To find out more about lithotherapy: “Dictionary of Lithotherapy” Reynald Georges Boschiero


Pregnancy support


I pay special attention to pregnant women.
As a mother of 2 children myself, I would have loved to be accompanied and surrounded during my pregnancies. That's why I think that waiting for a baby is a unique and magical moment and I love accompanying mothers.

Prenatal massage is a gentle massage. It is a bubble of relaxation. We listen to the mother's body, we take care of tensions and pains, we relieve and comfort.

I also accompany Russian-speaking pregnant mothers with massages and advice. I came to Switzerland from my native Russia at the age of 19, so I know life in Geneva well and I can accompany them in their maternity process in a city that is still foreign to them.
I am always in contact with my patients and I am happy to answer any questions they may have regarding birth preparation in Geneva.

nojki dlia envol_070421.JPG


MAssage des 5 continents 8.png

It is a treatment combining the energy of Reiki / magnetism and bringing together different types of massages, combined with specific essential oils.

More than an energy massage, it is a journey to the bottom of oneself.


A biodynamic massage par excellence, it awakens natural self-healing processes by discharging cumbersome emotional memories as well as toxins.


This treatment method provides a release physical and mental outlet impressively.

Little by little, it helps to restore great confidence and new vitality, to regain self-esteem, a great feeling of peace and joie de vivre and above all to harmonize the emotional charges blocking our energy.


This massage was created by Mr. Olivier Honsperger - refer to the massagedes5continents website for more information.


Contraindications: Massage is not suitable for pregnant women, nor for people suffering from allergies, hypertension or neurological disorders, kidney disease, or people who have heavy medical treatment.


(*) Source: website

Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) comes from the dawn of time. Three thousand years old, it remains a modern and young medicine.

One of the great characteristics of TCM is that it does not differentiate the psychological balance from the overall balance of the human body. TCM is a total medicine where body and mind are not separated: physical, mental and emotions are in very close relationship.

Holistic medicine par excellence, it considers that man and nature are one. It highlights the interference between our environment and the functioning of the organism.

But it is also a medicine of the soul, capable of treating the very root of the dysfunction of the human body.


TCM means living in harmony with nature, emphasizing prevention as much as curative, asking your patient to take care of himself.


TCM has its own philosophical and symbolic basis.

She sees the body, the heart and the mind as a whole. It was developed not by dissecting the dead, but by observing the living; therefore, nothing is seen as static.


TCM considers phenomena not in themselves, but from the relationships between them. Therefore, the health of an organ or a person depends on multiple factors, all of which are interrelated.


TCM uses several common terms in a different sense from what is usually heard in the West.

“For TCM, emotions sit in organs and not in the brain.

An installed emotion (for example grief), will first affect an organ, the lungs, then by rebound effect, the whole organism. In the same way emotional symptoms can highlight the energetic disturbance of an organ; in the case of anger, the liver is affected. "

Les 5 éléments.png

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees disease above all as the result of an imbalance between the fundamental principles of Yin and Yang, of blood or Qi energy, emptiness or fullness of an element, disruption of the cycle of the five elements.


Its therapeutic efficacy results from its ability to regulate these
imbalances without treating the disease as a symptom to


It heals the Whole, the human being as a whole, rather than
to treat locally: this is what makes it strong.


I am trained in Traditional Medicine Energetics
Chinese and more particularly to:

- Acupressure with or without the use of suction cups

- Moxibustion

- Gua Sha.



  • Jean Pélissier, physiotherapist and TCM practitioner

  • Myriam Massé-Yang, naturopath, homeopath, bioenergetician, reflexologist, trainer in Chinese energy, reflexology, bioenergy



Acupressure (also called digitopuncture or acupressure), is an ancestral Chinese method which is similar to acupuncture because it is also based on the stimulation of the meridian points located on imaginary lines along the body.


The main difference is that in acupressure, stimulation of the meridian points is done with the fingers and not with needles.


This treatment method dating back over 5,000 years is still relevant to relieve various physical and emotional ailments, as well as to prevent certain ailments.

Acupressure is the activation of certain points, mainly on the meridians, in order to tone, circulate or calm the underlying energy flow.

By acupressure one acts directly on the imbalances of one or more internal organs.

We work according to different formulas (different points), along different meridians.


Chinese texts describe Qi (energy), as a vital breath in the alternating yin and yang circulation, which connects beings and things with each other.

Qi is present in all manifestations of nature.


In a living organism, Qi circulates inside the body through energy circuits which all overlap in energy centers (the Chakras).


Qi generates different sensations when it circulates in the body, in the form of heat or tingling.

cou Trsp.png

It is by focusing their attention on these sensations that, by empiricism, traditional Chinese doctors have been able to establish over the centuries the meridians of acupuncture, a network of circulation traversing the body.


This network is defined by the main and secondary meridians, otherwise called vessels,
and by acupuncture points.

There are 12 main meridians. Each meridian represents an organ.

We are working on points located along the meridians.


The pressure of these points is used to revive a vital energy which is lacking in some
places where that is blocked to others.


Acupressure is used for preventive as well as curative purposes. In particular, it allows:


  • help relieve pain;

  • limit the harms of stress;

  • to fight against fatigue, anxiety and nervous disorders;

  • to regain a good quality of sleep;

  • to treat digestive problems;

  • the Depression ;

  • colds and coughs;

  • back problems, etc.



Moxibustion is the action which consists in heating the acupuncture points using moxas, mainly composed of a plant called Artemisia Vulgaris which is a perennial plant of the Asteraceae family.

It is a prevention and care practice that is an integral part of TCM.


The main functions of moxibustion are to:

  • revitalize, nourish the Yang

  • warm and circulate Qi (energy) and blood.


The main pathologies treated by moxibustion are fatigue, exhaustion,
lack of vital heat, weak immune system, asthma, anemia, anorexia,
digestive and abdominal disorders, headaches, female disorders, pain,
depression, etc.


Moxas have been used in TCM for centuries.

In the past, moxa cones of sagebrush charcoal (mixture of compacted charcoal and sagebrush powder) were used most often. Today we mostly use the simplified and more practical version of moxas: cigar-shaped sticks, made of dried sagebrush. Each cigar is individually wrapped with a layer of protective paper.


The treatment is completely painless: the hot cigar is not placed directly in contact with the skin, it is kept above the patient's meridian points, at a distance that can range from 1 to 3 cm from the skin.

As soon as the patient feels a little too much heat, we stop. It's pretty nice, you feel warm and you relax. Each point of a meridian helps to treat different pathologies.

Moxibustion care is not practiced during the summer.



  • Myriam Massé-Yang, naturopath, homeopath, bioenergetician, reflexologist, trainer in Chinese energy, reflexology, bioenergy


Gua Sha


In Chinese, Gua (刮) means to scrape or rub and Sha (痧) represents toxic energy. The technique of Gua Sha consists in releasing the toxic energy trapped in the muscles and the dermis (bringing out "the bad guy"), by generating a rise of blood on the surface of the skin, responsible for more or less intense redness (called petechiae), a sign that the perverse energies (heat, cold, wind) present under the surface have just been released.


The art of Gua Sha helps restore normal circulation of Qi (energy), undo blood stasis in the capillaries, reduce heat and inflammation, eliminate cold and calm pain.

It generates a centrifugal elimination force which subsequently makes it possible to treat the internal disease without risking strengthening its virulence in the event of blockage on the surface.


Gua Sha is useful for preventing or relieving colds, flu, coughs, fever, body aches, heat stroke, pain or tension in the neck, shoulders, back, chronic stress, carpal tunnel problems, paresthesias and tingling, migraine, aging, allergies, shingles.


Contraindications: Gua Sha should not be practiced in the following cases:

  • pregnant woman

  • very tired or weak

  • hypotension

  • hypoglycemia

  • blood disorders or diseases: leukemia, thrombocytopenia
    (lack of blood platelets), etc.

  • heart disease

  • renal failure

  • liver cirrhosis

  • ascites

  • systemic edema

  • person on anticoagulant

  • contagious blood or skin disease

  • phlebitis or venous thrombosis

  • on varicose veins

  • on lesions or any recently injured or burned area (sunburn)

  • on moles, warts, boils, ulcers, hives, rash, eczema, psoriasis, etc.


The observation of the technique is spectacular, but it does not hurt at all.

I first tested this method in Thailand. I also benefited from it during my training, when I had shoulder pain. My back was scary to see after the session, however after a few minutes my shoulder pain was gone.


It is a very effective method, practiced in Chinese families on a regular basis.

Little anecdote from our teacher, Myriam Massé-Yang: years ago, Chinese moms freshly installed in the United States made Gua Sha on the neck of their children as soon as they had a cold. This caused them a lot of problems because the red traces resulting from the treatment were interpreted in school as mistreatment.


It is a technique that has existed for centuries and relieves many ailments. Of course, there are several precautions to take, but treatment is generally very well tolerated.



  • Myriam Massé-Yang, naturopath, homeopath, bioenergetician, reflexologist, trainer in Chinese energy, reflexology, bioenergy


Moving to Heal

Moving to Heal is NIA dance suitable for people recovering or having physical or emotional difficulties.


Moving to Heal is for the elderly or people facing cancer, depression, eating disorders or another illness. The session will be beneficial both physically and emotionally.


In individual sessions, the movement work will more specifically target the person's needs. Just like during a group lesson, the session can end with Reiki or meditation.

Nia M2H v3.png


Touch is the first sense to develop in humans, and also the last to be lost.
Massage therapy is an ancient technique that has always existed in all cultures and countries.

A massage is a "magical" moment that :
- relieves the body and mind,
- helps to regain a sense of well-being,
- helps to release tension,
- improves sleep,
- relieves pain,
- reduces stress levels,
- improves blood circulation,
- eliminates toxins.

I did my training as a massage therapist (250 hours),
at the TCMA school (Thérapie complémentaire et médecine alternative),in Geneva, in 2020.
I continue to train myself through continuing education and
and internships since 2017.

I have acquired a multitude of very diverse techniques.
Today I combine massage and acupressure techniques with
acupressure techniques with magnetism and Reiki.

I work according to my intuition and my feeling,

and according to the demands of each person.

You can enjoy a relaxing, therapeutic massage,
prenatal, crano sacral, massage of the 5 continents, as well as cupping.

A massage is a dance improvised by hands and I like to share it with my patients.


I'm member of ASCA, if you need to know if your assurance is paying for yours massages, please check with your assurance before booking an appointment.
Thank you.

Massages Thérapeutiques
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