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At the turn of my 45th birthday, my life path took a different direction, after my body asked me to take care of it. While taking care of myself and doing a great job on me, it seemed obvious to me that if I wanted to flourish, I had to change everything in my professional life.


I have always taken advantage of the benefits of natural therapies to treat myself. Dance has also always been present in my life in different forms. It was therefore natural that I turned to natural therapies, body therapies and meditation to get back on my feet.


This is how I discovered NIA holistic dance for the first time. The NIA allowed me to reconnect to myself, to regain confidence in my body and the pleasure of moving, as well as to flourish in movement.


Very quickly, encouraged by my NIA teacher, I wanted to train in this practice in order to become a teacher of NIA myself and make (re) discover the pleasure of moving to others. It was the start of my career transition path.

Julie Wermelinger
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