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The NIA is a holistic dance, accessible to all, which is inspired by the dance arts, martial arts movements and body awareness.


The NIA was invented in the 80s by Debbie and Carlos Rosas to find an alternative to aerobics, very popular at the time but often harmful for muscles and bones, in particular.

Over time the NIA has become a practice of well-being with its own philosophy, which addresses the body, mind and spirit while respecting the body and the capabilities of each.


Today the NIA stands for Now I Am.

The NIA gives importance to free expression, so there is a lot of free dance in an NIA course. We dance barefoot, to feel the earth and to anchor ourselves.


This bodily technique allows you to connect to your body, to let go, to dance and move without judgment, to release tension, to build muscle gently, to regain self-confidence, to let off steam in a fun way.


The choreographies are easy, you can follow the teacher, or add your own movements, which leaves room for everyone's inspiration and creativity.


The NIA is composed of 52 precise movements, and has 3 intensity levels. It is a synergy of 3 dances, 3 martial arts and 3 techniques of awareness of the body.

The NIA will help you rediscover the pleasure of moving, releasing emotional tensions, stress or even anxiety.

After the course you feel good, and often you ask for more.

To find out more:

Moving to Heal is also NIA, suitable for people recovering, or having physical or emotional difficulties.


Moving to Heal is a much softer version of NIA, which removes the cardio part completely to make room for movements where everyone can go at their own pace and according to their abilities, while having the pleasure of dancing and helping their body to heal by movement.


Moving to Heal is aimed at a large audience and the course can be adapted according to the needs of the group. Whether it is the elderly or people facing cancer, depression, eating disorders or another illness, the course will benefit them physically and emotionally.


Depending on the group's desires, you can end the course with a small Reiki session or a meditation.


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